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What some of our franchise partners say...

"Since joining Legal 4 Landlords, I have exceeded all my expectations. I have worked hard and been fully supported by a highly motivated Head Office team. My first year income has exceeded £52,000. Legal 4 Landlords HQ have really helped me every step of the way with enthusiasm and a highly professional approach. From classroom training to working with me in my territory they have worked with me to bring about my success." Iain Ritchie. Glasgow

"I am really happy with everything, Legal 4 Landlords is an exciting business and I look forward to it every day. After a great training course it took some time to digest all of the information that being said from month three business really picked up. The hardest task I have is managing all of the orders. I am over the moon." Donna Smith – L4L Edinburgh

"Legal 4 Landlords was a perfect fit for me, as a mortgage broker and experienced Landlord I knew the market very well. It was very challenging at first, but once I started getting orders through the task at hand became easier. There are just so many different avenues to go down when dealing with affiliates; we truly are a one stop shop so to say for Landlords and Agents. Every day is different, but the help and support from Head Office has been great. My target is to become a flagship office this year." Michael McVeigh – L4L Sheffield

"Legal 4 Landlords has been fantastic from day one, the training week at head office made me realise the opportunity and potential that this business had and i haven’t looked back since. Within the first month i had signed up 10 affiliates and had several orders, the team at head office have been fantastic, its refreshing working with a team who have their finger on the pulse." Joanna Sinclair – L4L London South East

"We opened for Business on the 1st of May after what I can only describe was the most informative and practical Training Corse. The Franchise Manual, Customer Relationship Marketing system, Marketing Materials and Support are second to none. Legal 4 Landlords are passionate about delivering the most comprehensive one stop shop for Lettings Industry Professionals and Landlords.

Having looked at many opportunities, we chose Legal 4 Landlords. There is a massive market, which will increase substantially over the next decade and beyond and the reception we are getting is very favourable and highly positive. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Legal 4 Landlords, the Industry and our many happy customers."
Andrew Wilkinson – L4L York, Hull & Scarborough.

What some of our customers say...

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Legal 4 Landlords have been unbelievable, after buying a property in a auction the tenant stopped paying rent but was on a life time lease, I visted my local solicitor he quoted my £3,000 plus. Legal 4 Landlords evicted the tenant in half the time i was quoted and at just £499+vat." Raymond Hiden, Worchester

"Legal 4 Landlords kept me updated and acted quickly, great service i would recommend then to anyone." Darren White, London

"Legal 4 Landlords traced my tenant and recovered the £1500 worth of damage they had left, great service, thanks again." Lindsey Bell, Manchester


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