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Initial Training

Our initial 2 week training course ensures you are ready for business from day 1

One of the key benefits of a Legal 4 Landlords’ franchise is that you do not have to be experienced in this sector. As a result of your ten-day training course you will be capable of hitting the ground running and taking orders.

The training course is divided into two sections:

  • Week One:
    The first week focuses on the products and services we as a business offer, how they fit into the market and the general flow from start to finish of each service.

    You will be trained on our bespoke software and will learn how to generate eviction notices and how to package a case ready for court.
  • Week Two:
    This week focuses on sales, marketing and carrying out presentations. You will be shown ways in which to generate appointments, how a presentation should be carried out and how to train a lettings agent on our system.

    During this week you will also focus on who your competitors are, and on knowing and understanding your market.

We do have a number of other support aids, which include video tutorials and online training manuals. Most importantly, your franchise manager is at the end of a phone to help day or night.

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